Excursion to DTU facilities

There will be an excursion to DTU’s facilities on the 5th of October for those who are interested. We will meet at 7 PM by the hotel and take the bus to DTU, and we will be back at the hotel around 9:45 PM. Below you can find some information about their facilities.

Acronym for Combustion and Harmful Emission Control

CHEC Research Center
Dept. of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Building 229
Technical University of Denmark
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

About CHEC Research Centre:
CHEC is a research center mainly focused in the fields of Chemical Reaction Engineering and Combustion, emphasizing high-temperature processes, formation and control of harmful emissions, catalysis, particle technology, and product design. The research approach involves a combination of modelling and experimental work. Experiments are conducted over scales ranging from small laboratory reactors to full-scale industrial units.

CHEC Laboratory and Experimental Facilities (DTU, Lyngby Campus):
DTU bildA large range of experimental test rigs, laboratory analytical equipment and diagnostic equipment that can be used at full scale industrial plants are available at CHEC (DTU, Lyngby Campus). The equipments are used in ongoing research projects by students, PhD students and researchers and some equipment are also available for customers on commercial terms.

The experimental test rigs can be used to make experimental studies relevant for thermal processes (Combustion, pyrolysis, and gasification), fuel pretreatment, flue gas cleaning and catalytic processes. The test rigs makes detailed experimental studies on a range of processes controlled by homogeneous and heterogeneous chemistry, heat and mass transfer possible.

Examples of some of the available research test rigs are:

  • A high temperature (up to 600°C) and high pressure (up to 100 Bar) flow reactor used for studies on catalytic and homogenous processes
  • A high temperature (up to 1500°C) entrained flow reactor used for combustion, gasification and pyrolysis studies
  • A SCR test unit (Selective Catalytic Removal of NOx) used for studies of NOx flue gas cleaning

A large range of laboratory analytical equipment is also available, such as:

  • Gas chromatographs and mass spectrometers used for analysis of gases and hydrocarbons
  • Online gas analyzers used for online analysis of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCl …
  • Particle characterization equipment as sieving tests, Malvern laser particle seizer, Scanning mobility particle seizer and low pressure cascade impactor.

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